Where are you in your fitness progress? It’s June now and many of you planned to start this year by maintaining a healthy lifestyle consisting of eating right, exercising and becoming more spiritual. So, are you staying consistent with those goals?

Let’s remember the goals we set and stay focused.

Remember nothing comes easy and you must continue to strive and work hard at staying healthy. I understand it’s the summertime, a time when we can really indulge in junk food such as ice cream, candy, foods at cookouts and much more. But, let’s remember the goals we set and stay focused. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, however, don’t let treating yourself get your exercising or eating properly off-track.

Also, we must take time to meditate and focus on being thankful for the many blessings from God. We cannot become so busy in life that we aren’t grateful and thankful for him giving us the ability to do simple things in life. We must count our blessings such as having life, having the ability to walk, talk, having eye sight, being able to hear, and having family and friends that care about us. Without God, we cannot do anything.

Small steps lead to big progress.

As you continue to accomplish those fitness and health goals, remember why you started and remember what motivated you. For you to want to change your life, that means it’s important and you care. Small steps lead to big progress. No matter what, keep pushing, keep striving, and don’t let anyone or anything block your focus. You’re in it to win it, so keep going. Before you know it, you will exceed what you set out to do.