Our Mission:

To cause change in the world by uncovering the good that life brings while disrupting the

negative view on life people have come to accept.

Upliff comes from the word uplift, meaning to morally or spiritually elevate; inspire happiness or hope.

Why Upliff?

Good things are always happening in our lives, our community and our world, but we don’t hear much about those positive events. Most of what we see from national or local news or social media  is overwhelmingly negative. Images of war, crime, and division are the big stories, but people and organizations making a positive difference in the world often get overlooked.

With Upliff, the positive stories are the big stories.

Share something good happening locally, nationally and around the world, and most importantly, share something good happening in your life.


The team creating Upliff’s new app coming this spring

Jonathan Larry


Joanne Nguyen

Lead Designer

Jamie Gross

Grasp Mobile Development, Developer

Our Story

November 2015

Upliff got started at Startup Weekend in Columbia, SC. Jonathan pitched his idea for a social network with only positive content. Jacob Horne, Joanne Nguyen, and Bianca Williams joined Jonathan, and the team worked on the idea throughout the weekend.

April 2016

After spending more time planning our direction, Upliff was at a point to be more widely announced.

Giraffe Full Body

January 2016

On January 26, 2016, Upliff became a Limited Liability Company. Although we had been working on Upliff for about two months, this is the day we celebrate our birthday.

August 2016

Upliff launched its website featuring Upliffers, These content creators produce motivational content for subscribers. Positive stories from national and local news are also featured.

Our Logo

Upliff’s logo is the outline of a giraffe’s head. The ‘U’ in Upliff features a giraffe’s ears and horns. Check it out:


Upliff Favicon

Upliff Logo

Why a giraffe?

Giraffes are known as gentle giants and have a huge heart. They’re also tallest animals in the world. They rise above their surroundings and don’t have the same view of the world as those around them.

The giraffe is symbolic of what Upliff accomplishes. In the middle of the negativity we see everyday, the positive content you see on Upliff rises above and shows there is good in the world.

Who’s Griff

Griff is our company mascot. You’ll see him in a variety of places – both online and in person!

Want to learn more about Upliff?

Check out our frequently asked questions here. You may find what you’re looking. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us here.